Warranty and Return Policy;

Warranty and Return Policy;

All of your orders from www.ebrusallishop.com are sent to our customers via cargo. There are a few things to note when shipping your cargo order. Your orders will be shipped in contracted cargo on average within 3 working days. The cargo reference number is indicated by sending an e-mail to the cargo orderer. There is no delivery on Sundays due to the failure of cargo companies.

How should I get the shipping package?
The cargo company wants to deliver the product because it races over time and go immediately, but there is a sensitive issue. No cargo form should be signed without receiving your package. Before signing the cargo hold, please check if your product is damaged due to carrying it. If there is damage to the box for any reason, return your box to keep the minutes of the cargo officer without signing any documents related to the delivery. Your new products will be sent by us immediately. Www.ebrusallishop.com is not responsible for damaged or defective products in case the box is damaged.

Is there any deck decking delivered?
If there is any suspicion that you may see any deformation or damage of the pakette brought by the cargo company, open the package next to the cargo officer and check the physical condition of your orders without signing the cargo form. If you do not see any problems you may sign the transmit form. If you feel that the products inside the box are damaged in any way, please do not take the products and request the cargo damage statement at the cargo office. (Please do not take the items that are recorded in minutes, please return them to www.ebrusallishop.com)

The records will be exchanged and your side will be re-shipped.

In case of defective, loose, broken or damaged delivery;
The job of the cargo company is to deliver your shopping safely to your right person by offering safe transportation from your domain.com. If there is any damage to your cargo, you can go to the cargo branch and keep a record of it. Once you have received the product with your signed receipt, the exchange will be processed immediately.

Return process;
In order to use the right of return in all kinds of cosmetic products, it is conditional that the package of the product is not opened, undisturbed and the product is not used. Returned goods are returned with the reason of the goods belong to the cargo-price buyer.

For your return process to be realized;

The product to be returned must be shipped with the original package / box received. (Example: Products with cargo stickers on original box and cargo parcel tape are not acceptable.) The product should be returned as received.

The 'Return Return Form' at the back of the submitted bill must be filled in full.

The product to be returned must not be used.

Products that have lost the ability to sell again and can not be bought by another customer are not accepted.

If the product is issued in the name of the corporate company, you must send it together with the 'Return Fee' which is cut in the form of 'Product Unit Price + VAT'. The order will not be completed if the 'Return Fee' is not canceled.

NOTE: Before performing your return, the necessary review of your order is made by your domainAdvice.com Return Expert. Where the inspection of the product you wish to return is deemed necessary, the marking is sent to the authorized service or supplier for inspection. We only ask you to contact your domain name.com for product returns. All refund requests must be reported to www.ebrusallishop.com Customer Service and forwarded by cargo to www.ebrusallishop.com.


If you are not a taxpayer, when returning the product you have received, you must fill out the information in the relevant return section at your disposal and return it to us with the product. Otherwise your refund will not be completed.

When your return transaction is realized;
An automatic email will be sent to you when your return is processed. The extension time of your return process varies depending on your bank. The amount of return is plus or minus 10 business days. It is not possible for www.ebrusallishop.com to intervene in this process. In case of any delay, you can get detailed information from your bank.

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